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Several of these winning campaigns are on this list because they led the way in thinking about how to use these new tools effectively and entertainingly.

Some of these ad campaigns are here because they changed the way consumers thought about the world around them and some are examples of great solid marketing built on spot-on insights and beautifully, perfectly executed.

Advertising Age tapped the expertise of leading creators and marketers to derive this list of 15.

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Those include more than 50 arrests for sex trafficking, involuntary servitude or prostitution promotion.There are a million logical reasons why each of these shouldn’t have worked.Thank God the right people ignored all of them.” The Top 15 Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century will be part of the ebook, "Advertising Age: Top Ad Campaigns." The ebook also includes the Top 100 Ad Campaigns of the 20th Century.Dart did not approach the digital currency bitcoin because it is a significantly riskier and less reputable form of finance, and therefore not as likely to be fueling the trade, a spokesman said.

includes millions of user ads in a variety of categories — roommates, real estate and jobs, for example.

At a news conference announcing Visa’s decision Wednesday, Dart lashed out at and its refusal to acknowledge how pimps and traffickers use the ads in its adult section.

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