Updating bios for gigabyte

21-Apr-2018 04:34

Boot into the BIOS (you need to press the Delete key at bootup to open the BIOS for Gigabyte motherboards).

At the bottom of the BIOS screen, you will see something named along the lines of "Q-Flash Utility". On Gigabyte motherboards, press F8 to start Q-Flash.

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A computer's Basic Input-Output System (BIOS) is embedded software on a motherboard.

The whole BIOS updating procedure should be treated with extreme caution.

In response to Intel's latest Management Engine firmware updates, Gigabyte is in the process of updating the BIOS for its Q270, Q170, and X170-WS ECC series motherboards.

The company has issued BIOS updates for motherboards equipped with X170, X150, B150, and B250 chipsets; updates for Q87, Q85, and B85 motherboards are currently in the works.

I read how important it is to update the BIOS on a motherboard.

Can you guys please educate me on the advantages of updating the BIOS?

Please contact your supplier or our distributors/resellers for further remedy in case system crashes unfortunately because of BIOS flash failure.