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07-Sep-2017 12:04

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He is too young for the naughty step imo as he doesn't know right from wrong yet.Hi, we don't use a naughty step but we have a naughty corner which works the same.It was funny but I sat her in her high chair and made her face the wall for 35 seconds and then gave her cuddles - I don't think she understands but it is as much about training me at the moment than anything else.

thanks , so how long would you leave them on the naughty step/mat/chair?

The other time was for throwing a proper full on paddy because she dropped a biscuit and the dog got it - so I left her in full on paddy mode, in her high chair but turned it to the wall again for 40 seconds (5 seconds a month of age! Might seem silly doing it so young but, she has never thrown another proper paddy like that in the 3 weeks since or given me a faceful of milk, so I can't help but think she must kinda understand a little.

Plus like I said the more I get used to it being part of the norm the easier it will be for me to enforce it when it really counts and she's able to play up and cause me lots of stress.

He doesn't sit still at the best of times and if I put him on a chair/step etc he'd just get down and run?! It is hard to get them to stay there and for the first few weeks my daughter just kept getting up.

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it takes alot of determination to do it but it def works but the key is to remember that negative interaction is better than no interaction so when ur tempted to interact while doing naughty step......... We just kept putting her back on the spot and eventually it sunk in.

she definitly knows she has done wrong cries her eyes out and when i get her from it she says sorry and makes right what she has done wrong eg.

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